Grand Rapids Michigan

Why I Love To Go To Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Michigan is home to some of the best affordable things to do in all of the state of Michigan. Even the colleges are super affordable to attend. It can be hard to find easy and affordable places to go though, so hopefully after reading about my time in Grand Rapids, you will be able to hear about some of the best affordable things in all of the city. One of the most affordable things to do when you are in Grand Rapids is to tour the campus of Grand Valley University. The best part about this is that it is a two way thing. You can spend a whole affordable day walking around the campus while you think about someone attending this super bank friendly college. I was able to spend the whole day here and not have to spend hardly any money. Since college kids live here there’s are tons of affordable restaurants.

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It is located right in the middle of Grand Rapids so the location is perfect. I got some amazing cheap meals here. I would definitely let my kids come here. Another affordable thing that you can do in Grand Rapids is to visit the Gerald R. Ford museum. I loved this place and spent so much time here. I hardly had to spend any money to get inside and there’s so much history inside. Before I knew it, I was in there for over 4 hours. I highly recommend you check this place out for affordable fun. If you have time at night, you need to check out a show at Van Andel Arena. There are so many different shows so no matter what you like, you should be able to find something that you like without having to break the bank in order to go.

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The best part about Van Andel is that most shows and hockey games are super cheap to get into, and it’s in downtown Grand Rapids MI. You should be able to see tons of other things when you are near Van Andel without having to spend a ton. Another amazing affordable thing that you can do in Grand Rapids that I had such a fun time in was visiting the John Ball Zoo. They have a ton of cool animals there and I could stay there the entire day without being bored. I didn’t have to spend a ton of money in order to get the whole family inside. The food inside is expensive but if you bring food then the zoo is very affordable fun for the entire family. I hope my list helped you find some awesome affordable places within the amazing city of Grand Rapids MI. There was tons of affordable fun when I visited the city and I didn’t have to spend a ton to have a great day! I hope you can find some good affordable fun for yourself. My places should help you out if you need a push in the right direction though. More on that on

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